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The process that we us to perform our cleaning services uses LOW pressure energy as to not damage the structure whether new or old. We can clean any building made from stucco, concrete, block, EIFS and limestone. For commercial restoration projects, we use professional grade brick cleaners to remove mildew and mold, Gloecaspa Magma and surface dirt without damaging the the original surface.

What is our process for cleaning brick buildings?

Once the initial inspection is complete than we utilize our environmentally friendly detergents and soaps to begin the process of cleaning the building. Our cleaning process was refined over the last 20 years to be able to clean and remove hydrocarbons, pollen, gloeocaspa magma, mold, mildew, and surface dirt efficiently and effectively.

Some of the steps in our process include:

  • Utilize outside water sources located on the building
  • The work area will be safely marked and taped off
  • Any outside greenery such as plants etc will be covered and protected
  • Areas with stains get pre treated with biodegradable cleaners at 20PSI to 25PSI
  • Stained areas will then be treated using 400PSI to 600PSI, water temperatures of 120 degrees a 8GPM will blast out of a stainless steel, 40 degree fan spraying device.
  • Each area of the building is unique and will require a different type of treatment depending on the subject matter.
  • When all prior treatment is complete, a final rinse of the building with our SoSoft water conditioner/water softener will help reduce streaks on windows.
  • Any tarps as well as taped off areas will be restored safely for use again.
  • Lastly, an inspection of the building is done for quality control and final cleanup of all areas.


Professional brick and building cleaning services

Our brick cleaning system is extremely effective and will remove any type of mold and mildew, surface dirt, stains and almost anything else you can imagine. Most businesses or commercial restorations will favor removing unwanted stains from brick. Every single time 99% of business owners are amazed at what we are able to accomplish.


Unprofessional brick cleaning methods can shatter and damage bricks!

Bricks can easily be destroyed under high pressure/high powered acid water combinations. Brick is a unit of building material, it is made from clay and then secured with mortar. Mortar is a bonding agent comprised of sand, cement, and water. Once the brick has taken form, it is placed in a kiln or oven and fire hardened at almost 2,000 degrees. Bricks come in hundreds of different styles and sizes, if the company you hire does not understand how to clean them properly they could cause extensive damage to them. It is important to hire someone who understands not only how to build with bricks properly but how to clean them as well. Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars in destructive cleaning practices happen to historic masonry buildings all around the country. This is why we do a thorough pre inspection of your building to asses what type of cleaning process to use. Our wash process is carried out under the guidance and oversight of our veteran masons as well as architectural conservator.

In many cases, cleaning companies with use abrasive grit or similar abrasive materials. A very common technique is to sandblasting which should only be used in rare situations due to its corrosive nature. Small particles of ground up walnut shells moving at a high rate of speed can be used to remove the unwanted material from the surface in question. The micro abrasive nature of this process can make this suitable for delicate museum objects with fine details in carved stone.

Using chemicals to clean bricks

There are times when stronger acidic materials are appropriate to remove unwanted dirt, stains, graffiti, or other coatings. Muriatic acid is typically a better option when less acidic chemicals suffice. On structures that acid is sensitive this is not a good option. The two different types of processes above are most likely to use (wetting agents), to help remove the surface material. The wall or material is usually wetted down before the chemicals are applied to the surface.

Water Proofing

People tend to believe that brick buildings are 100% water proof. The reality is that water leaks into brick structure with relative proficiency. This is especially apparent when you have cracks or gaps in the structure. In the long term this can cause a number of issues including: growth of algae and lichen, structural integrity damage all of which require immediate attention.

If the outside of your home is exposed you can use water repellent creams and sealants. These substances soak into steep into the stone and microscopic pores thus reducing and repelling moisture providing a long lasting invisible barrier. Even with this very strong and durable coating your structure will still be able to “breath.”

Our contractors are licensed and certified in the state of Colorado. Our clients keep coming back to us because they love how effervescent our projects are. From the very start, we have delivered projects that stand the test of time. These projects are exquisite in beauty, durability, and longevity. We recognize that each and every client when embarking on a new project has a budget. We strive to utilize your money in the best way possible to achieve excellence using our potential to surpass your expectations.

Most commercial masonry projects can be painfully slow and energy draining. Sometimes they can demand way to much attention when your time could be spent elsewhere. Because we are at the forefront of construction, we fundamentally execute projects, clinging to construction standards.


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