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The foundation of your home is the most critical component to the structure. Is this your house? Or are there cracks showing in the walls causing downward movement. Are you aware of the condition of the home in its current state? Whats holding everything up?

We are certified contractors that have the ability to to fix problems like the one explained. We provide reliable solutions for assessing issues with foundations, basements, and crawl spaces that are unique to homes in Colorado. We give a 100%. effort on every project we do, and detail in writing. the work to be done before we begin so that the expectation is set upfront of exactly what you can expect from us.

If you are noticing cracks start to form, maybe your basement walls are starting to lean (scary). Sinking, settlement issues, there are defiantly issues related to the foundation that need to be addressed. These issues can not be ignored. If you wait to get these problems fixed, you risk causing complete re-constructive construction to the existing home. This can be very expensive and create long timelines of getting things finished.

If you begin to experience any of the above mentioned symptoms on your home, please reach out to (719)-417-8814. Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation. Our knowledgable technician will be able to asses your foundation. We will make sure your structure is up to code for Colorado maintenance regulations and structure repair.

There are many different causes of foundation settlement. The type your experiencing could be due to uniform of differential settlement. All types of foundation settling can be traced back to soil movement. There are usually a myriad of different layers of soil beneath a house. The lowest levels of soil have the greatest soil bearing capacity.

If after 3-4 years the frame of your house doesn’t begin to distort, consider yourself very lucky! It is very doubtful that the distortion is caused by something called ” full-depth foundation settlement”. When this happens, cracks occur at both sides of the house at the foundation wall. This pressure causes downward movement caused by soil bearing failure. Cracks from settlement are nearly almost always vertical. These should not be confused with cracks that form when a wall is subject to soil pressure/lateral movement.

Masonry repair that comes after the foundation is fixed is not like new construction or ‘renovation’. The existing structure is like a piece of art once it has been completed. In other words, its art! For this reason the structure must be respected and properly repaired. Each of our projects gets a unique approach and this is exactly what you get when you shop with us. You will receive a customized plan of action so that not only will your house foundation be corrected, but all cracks in masonry will be fixed.


The walls of your foundation move inward, this is due to soils becoming expansive. There are hydrostatic pressures on the walls from the outside. To fix this, you need carbon fiber straps. This is a method of repairing this type of damage to your home. This type of repair is best used for walls that are bowing inwards up to 2in or less. The seal type of the straps is epoxy-sealed and goes directly onto the wall. It is then secured to the top and bottom of the wall.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Sticking windows and doors is not always related to one specific topic. The two most common causes are: foundation related issues, crawl space supports that are settled and decaying. You might notice the doors or windows in your house don’t close properly or the way they used to. They are getting stuck open. You may notice other signs of problem areas such as uneven floors, gaps, cracks in or near the drywall and gaps appearing within the flooring. If any of these signs start to appear then it’s time to call for assistance.

Fixing foundation problems early

Identifying the small issues early is important because catching foundation problems can help you avoid major consequences. The quicker the problem is caught the sooner it can be repaired.

When the house begins to settle there are very obvious signs to look for. Cracks will begin to appear all of brick walls. You can look for these cracks and most likely find them at multiple points of where the house is settling. Often times there will be openings in the trim joints and this is also an indication that your foundation is settling. This allows for many different types of pests to enter the home. Because the trim joints have pulled away from the home, an entry point has now been created!

Broken Drywall Sticking Doors

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