Paver Patios

The perfect addition to comfortably extent your living area into the great outdoors


Patios can serve many purposes in your home. From creating an inclusive environment for friends and family to adding value to your property. Brick patios are bold and add a distinct touch to your backyard. Taking both a modern yet traditional feel, these surroundings work on a variety of properties. Durability is one of the key attributes of an outdoor patio. The initial cost may be a significant investment but you will save in the long term because of the low cost and easy maintenance. These types of masonry structures stand up to weather extremes very well. It is no secret that Colorado weather can be brutal. Brick patios and brick structure are the perfect match for all weather types.

Types and Styles

If your creative and imaginative, brick patios can be great to show that side of yourself off. There are many different types and colors available to meet your design needs. Essentially, there are two kinds of brick: common and face. Common is the type that is used most frequently hence the name. It is used frequently in outdoor residential applications and is more affordable than face. Common brick is composed of shale or clay and its final form takes place in a kiln. Another name for this type is kiln-run brick. The surface of the brick tends to be rough in texture.

Face brick is typically made with higher quality material and is intended to be visible. It is also durable and comes in an assortment of colors. Some of the most popular colors are brown, red, grey, and white.

While fundamentally the composition has been consistent for 2000 plus years, there are still thousands of ways to create any type of vibe or mood-from relaxed and contemporary to quintessential and traditional. The layout of brick patios can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The pattern is strictly for aesthetic purposes and the top will perform the same regardless.

Our contractors are licensed and certified in the state of Colorado. Our clients keep coming back to us because they love how effervescent our projects are. From the very start, we have delivered projects that stand the test of time. These projects are exquisite in beauty, durability, and longevity. We recognize that each and every client when embarking on a new project has a budget. We strive to utilize your money in the best way possible to achieve excellence using our potential to surpass your expectations.

These techniques are both different but can achieve different looks. Patios that are set in sand are more budget friendly and flexible. This style is easily repaired is beneficial if you live in an area exposed to frost. However, sand set patios can shift and get uneven with the passing of time. Mortar is not flexible like sand but will remain flat in many different types of climates. Mortar also discourages bugs, mold and plant overgrowth. 

Some people don’t mind nature co-meshing with their outdoor patios. In some cases it can actually add to the look and feel. As time goes on, the moss and algae can become overpowering and you made need to have it removed. To remove this overgrowth, you can use vinegar diluted with water and a scrub brush. Residues in the form of stains might respond better to hydrogen peroxide. The simplest brute force way to clean patios is by power washing, the pressure shouldn’t be stronger than 3,000 pounds per square inch.

9/10 you will not need to pull any types of special permits to build a simple paver patio. You can call your local city office to learn more about what restrictions there are that may apply to your project. The contractors of Springs Masonry will also be able to provide you with information regarding permits that may need to be pulled. If the suggested patio is located near a property line, the city may want to come out to survey the property. Because of this they may also want to gather other documentation as well.



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