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At Springs Masonry we repair and restore all different types of block walls. Now you might be asking yourself, “what is a block wall?” Block walls contain Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) that can be put together to form a retaining wall. Anything that is made from concrete, we are capable of restoring and repairing it.

Block walls are not only affordable but also environmentally friendly as well. Concrete is created form a material known as aggregate. Aggregate is a by product from industrial waste. This means that the product used to create CMUs is a recycled product. If you are apprehensive about your carbon footprint, you should consider using block wall as an alternative to cedar or vinyl.

Damaged Retaining Walls

Unfortunately, many contractors don’t know how to establish structurally robust retaining walls. It is easy to see examples of prematurely failing retaining walls out in the world today. These blocks are crumbling like a dried up cookie; they’re a blemish and liability in any architectural sound society. Springs Masonry repairs retaining walls. Beyond just repairs our veteran contractors can also extend the height or wall length. Repairing walls can range from a one or two-day process. On day one, we do pre installation preparation, the repair and finishing of the structure is then fully completed on the second day.


Interior and Exterior Repair

Many of our clients have block walls in their homes for aesthetic as well as load bearing purposes as well. We would take great pride in repairing this for you. Our repair abilities expand to exterior and interior block walls. You will never have to be concerned about uniformity. Our expert masons take pride in being able to do replicable in field repairs that are exact matches to the preexisting structures. Through our various industry standard processes we are able to keep the exact look and feel of the structures original finish. If the new color does not match the pre existing blocks then we use paint, stucco or plaster the wall to create the uniform texture appearance. The image on the right is an interior load bearing wall.

Interior Load Bearing Wall

Commercial and Residential Repair

Our repair capabilities are not limited to just residential. We have the tools and knowledge to perfect any project. In the commercial space, safety and professionalism are our #1 priority. When you choose us you are guaranteed that every time. Our competitive prices are marked below market value. This is because we are able to source the best masonry contractors in your area to find you the best possible prices guaranteed. The savings are passed on to you because of the large back-stock of inventory and tools that we have accumulated over the years.

Prices and Fees

Prices and Fees

One of the most asked questions we get is, “How much will this cost?” This is a great question! Although, this is hard for us to answer until we have given you a proper and thorough diagnosis. Every project is different and unique, which means the cost will be as well. Our estimates are free and usually accurate to the end. It usually takes us about two days to fully complete a Block wall repair. During the consultation phase of we will quote you the full estimate of the repair including the duration. This is done to ensure that both client and contractor are prepared and aware of the construction zone.




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