Every Outdooor Kitchen and Firepit is unique to their surrounding


Many homes in Colorado sit on amazing pieces of property with great views. But even if your backyard or seating area doesn’t come with all of that, there still could be powerful opportunity with limited space. One of our most important values is to stay on time and within budget. You can have a beautiful outside seating area without breaking the bank and we are here to help you accomplish that.

Having a custom outdoor fireplace or kitchen can completely transform your seating area into something stunning. A fire-pit can be a perfect piece to flaunt at your next family gathering or cookout. Taking things to the next level and installing and outdoor fireplace, you’ll practically have to force your friends to leave when the parties over. The custom structure is built using mortar and concrete block., fire brick is used to line the inside of the firebox. Once completed the outside can be finished with tile, stone or brick veneer, tile, or decorative concrete. Our expert masons have decades of knowledge and expertise it takes for even the most detailed custom jobs.


Outdoor Kitchen Benefits

The great outdoors can have amazingly beneficial effects on our mind, body, and spirits. Food brings us together and when you combine these two, it makes for a richer fuller experience to be had with family and friends. This can certainly permit for expanding into your living space. This areas can increase the value of your home substantially and become great for entertaining. You’ll likely save more money on food, especially during the warmer months. Everything becomes more centralized in this format and the only entertainment and transportation you’ll need will be right there at home.


Smelly foods can linger in the house for days. Mistakes can create rising smoke that carry throughout the entire house triggering smoke alarms. Cooking outdoors removes this problem entirely, making home feel more natural and cooking more convenient.

Reduces utility payments

During certain seasons, kitchens can cause living environments to become hot forcing air conditioner units to run excessively. Go outside and save the dollars!


Outdoor Fireplace

Trends come and go when it comes to building homes and renovating. The draw of having an outdoor fireplace has become popular among homeowners in the 21st century. Transforming your outdoor area can not only improve the functionality but also offers add cutting edge design elements. Fire pits come in many forms from wood burning to state of the art glass fire pits, theres really no limit to the possibilities that these pieces can be incorporated into your outdoor environment.

It Brings You Warmth

When the seasons begin to change and the temperatures cool down, your outdoor seating area plays an important role. The fireplace allows the surround to becomes a cozy space to relax and enjoy the fall time weather. The fireplace can also provide you warmth all year round if you live in a cold-weathered country. The ambience that is created will spill over into any romantic evening and create the perfect setting for your significant other or it can be a place to kick the shoes off and unwind.

Our contractors are licensed and certified in the state of Colorado. Our clients keep coming back to us because they love how effervescent our projects are. From the very start, we have delivered projects that stand the test of time. These projects are exquisite in beauty, durability, and longevity. We recognize that each and every client when embarking on a new project has a budget. We strive to utilize your money in the best way possible to achieve excellence using our potential to surpass your expectations.

Bug Repellent

One of the only frustrating things about summer is airborne insects, mosquitos, and other bugs. Just like bug spray, a wood burning fire can actually repel a-lot of these critters. Summer nights can now be outdoors minus swatting away mosquitos; thats now the job of the fireplace.

Great Choice for Cooking

Even if you opt out of the outdoor kitchen, the fireplace still affords you a great opportunity to roast, grill, or even bake in the right conditions. The kids will love this option for the ease of marshmallow roasting for smores! The weekend camping getaway can happen right at home in the backyard.

A home feels comfortable when you add design components that exhibit who you really are. Specific elements like creating an inviting outdoor space for friends and family can add richness to an already wonderful time. An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect addition that extends your living space into the great outdoors.





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