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Commercial Masonry in Colorado Springs

Springs Masonry produces structural and decorative masonry services for all types of commercial construction projects. We utilize all different types of CMU (Cement Masonry Unit), in all phases of construction. From stone veneers and foundations to brickwork and Rumford boxes, we produce and deliver top quality workmanship and reliability at a reasonable cost.

Our contractors have many decades of experience in commercial construction, Springs Masonry contractors have been through rigorous team training and oversee all projects with hands-on, daily on-site management. Harmony with our clients is essential, we achieve this by maintaining communication until the very last detail is finished.

Springs Masonry strives to evolve and expand lasting relationships with our clients based on communication, trust, efficiency and quality. We are your commercial masonry contractor of choice each and every time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When should I call a mason?

Masonry is a powerful craft that binds materials together to create structures that last a long time. With this being said, overtime brick and mortar will show signs of wear and tear. This means that masonry has a lifespan just like anything else. If you start to notice these visible signs of deterioration, don’t wait until the point of no return.

If you wait, you could be liable for damages that could force a complete reconstruction.

Attaining a new commercial building can be exciting and rewarding. For whatever your use may be, you want to make sure this structure will be profitable for years to come.

The exterior of your commercial property is likely made of stone, brick, or concrete blocks. These materials will need serviced by top-notch professional commercial masonry contractors. For your next project or repair, you can rest assured knowing that Springs Masonry contractors are the most knowledgable and qualified for the job.


Commercial masonry services include:

• Structural and decorative

• All styles of CMU

• Stonework, all phases including cultured stone, veneers, facades, retaining walls, paving

• Brickwork, all phases

• Fireplaces, specializing in Rumford boxes

• Keystone walls

• Sustainable, “green” construction

Our contractors are licensed and certified in the state of Colorado. Our clients keep coming back to us because they love how effervescent our projects are. From the very start, we have delivered projects that stand the test of time. These projects are exquisite in beauty, durability, and longevity. We recognize that each and every client when embarking on a new project has a budget. We strive to utilize your money in the best way possible to achieve excellence using our potential to surpass your expectations.

Most commercial masonry projects can be painfully slow and energy draining. Sometimes they can demand way to much attention when your time could be spent elsewhere. Because we are at the forefront of construction, we fundamentally execute projects, clinging to construction standards.

Brick-Tuck pointing

Brick Repointing - Tuck Pointing

Brick joints wear out over time. It is common that they will no longer repel water and this will cause a multitude of problems. These cracks will need to be filled and redone to ensure this doesn’t happen. Old mortar is replaced an inch or more deep with stronger mortar material. All masons know this process, but using the wrong type of mortar can cause irreversible damage. It is important to find the correct type of mortar for your brick repointing project.

Mörtel und Kelle

Types of Mortar

The mortar today uses Portland Cement in its mix profile. This is one of the strongest types of cement available Portland cement works for many different types of applications, but not everything. A mason must be aware of the percentages when working with certain materials. The key principle to know is mortar SHOULD be softer than the stone or brick that surrounds it. The mortar must also have a greater vapor permeability. The mixture must be softer than the original mortar that is being replaced. The repair mortar uses less Portland Cement and more Lime and Sand to give you this result.


General Contractors

The best job sites have well informed workers and top of the line supervision. This is exactly what you will get with the contractors at Springs Masonry. As business owners ourselves, we know exactly whats at stake on a job site. Mistakes can put projects behind schedule and push costs way over budget. You can trust the contractors of Springs masonry to deliver the highest quality work no matter what the job. We strive to communicate and work with our clients every step of the way. This ensures that theres never any confusion or miscommunication. You will always have a clear idea of what phase your project is in.


Architects - Stuctural Masonry

Masonry architects that work with our contractors have a love for designing structurally sound buildings. Our on-site masons feel connected to the architects through the blueprints. We always use a keen eye and the highest level of detail in each step of our building process. There is a large amount of gratification that comes from finishing a blueprint or drawing. We have the same passion and gratitude once we complete a project from those designs.

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